About Bay West

Founded 1979

Who we are

Bay West Development is the real estate acquisition and development affiliate of Bay West Group, which was founded in 1979 by Bill R. Poland and is based in San Francisco, California. The Company’s focus is to create value by acquiring and developing quality urban, infill, and opportunistic multifamily, office, industrial, and retail projects. With over 40 years of development experience, Bay West Development has the bandwidth not only to survive cycles in the market but also the foresight and depth to recognize opportunities and how to create value.

The Company has chosen to concentrate its efforts in urban areas where high concentrations of talented young people, in the fields of technology, multimedia, and biotech, are based and where a prominent amount of knowledge-based economic factors exist. These areas have proven to rebound more quickly from economic downturns because of the entrepreneurial spirit of the people. In addition, Bay West Development has profitably overseen the development and redevelopment of projects that have enhanced the vitality of the individual neighborhoods. The Company has enjoyed adding vibrancy to the fabric of the communities where it has been involved.

Our core values


Relationship Driven

Integrity and character are fundamental principles that the company is based on. Opportunities will continue to avail themselves to respected, energetic and creative individuals who treat others with dignity.

Embrace Complexity

Often times complex situations can be made simple by understanding other's motivations and working towards solutions where all parties are successful. Simply putting in the time and effort to understand these motivations leads to the best opportunities.

Unique Assets

Assets that feature unique competitive advantages that drive strong tenant demand and robust long-term NOI growth will outperform their competitive market. These unique competitive advantages also provide downside protection.

Knowledge-based Economies

Urban areas where high concentrations of talented young people are based have proven to thrive in upswings and rebound more quickly from downturns because of the entrepreneurial spirit of the people.

Detailed Execution

The smallest details have the largest impact. Whether in design, management, reporting, or any other aspect of the business, focusing on the minute details leads to the best results.


The best companies in the world are driven by the passion of their workers. There is no better way to be successful than by doing what you love.


Our Expertise

Bay West Development utilizes its nearly 40 years of real estate experience to deliver maximum returns to its investors and partners and create enduring value to the communities it works within. BWD’s broad range of skillsets ensures value is created at every step of our projects.


Finding unique deals due to strong relationships with investors, brokers, political leaders, lenders, and other professionals in the real estate industry.


Obtaining difficult, high-value added entitlements in prime locations.

Architectural Design & Construction Documentation

Creating architecturally significant projects with the best firms in the industry.


Developing high-quality, Class A, new and reuse mixed-use projects in core markets.

Rehabilitation & Repositioning

Purchasing irreplaceable assets in high barriers to entry markets with strong appeal and creating value through physical improvements and intensive management.

Asset Management & Disposition

Reporting timely and accurately while optimizing financial and operating performance to deliver maximum returns to our investors and partners.